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What Are Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively’s Kids’ Names?

December 17, 2016
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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s kids’ names have taken a long time to be revealed. The couple waited months before sharing that their first daughter was named James. Reynolds and Lively have yet to share what they chose to name their second daughter, who was born in September. Ryan Reynolds’ kids made their public debut on Thursday when their dad was honored with a star on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame, according to People Magazine. The famous couple decided to include their two daughters in the ceremony, posing for photos as a family for the very first time. Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, And Their Kids [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images] Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s kids’ names have been somewhat top secret. The two decided that they wanted to keep their children out of the spotlight and they didn’t want to share those personal things with the world — at least not right away. When James was born two years ago, Ryan Reynolds was asked several times what he and Blake decided on for a name. He made light of every interview, joked around, and never gave in to the pressure. It took a while for the world to find out that Ryan and Blake named their first daughter James. What took even longer...

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