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WHO Urges To Stop Online Junk Food Ads On Kids' Apps

November 7, 2016
in Kids

The World Health Organization has released a report that warns parents to protect their kids from pervasive junk food ads on mobile apps. Experts believe stricter regulations must be put in place to prevent ballooning obesity rates. ( Brad Flickinger | Flickr ) Health experts on Friday, Nov. 4 released a report that urges parents to protect their children from junk food advertisements that pop up on mobile apps, social media and online video platforms. For the first time, researchers conducted a comprehensive analysis of the situation in Europe regarding the digital marketing of junk food high in salt, sugar and fats to kids. The new report, which was published [PDF] by the World Health Organization, calls for urgent action by lawmakers to acknowledge and address the issue of targeted digital marketing to children. According to Emma Boyland, one of the researchers in the study, kids are increasingly exposed to persuasive and...

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