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Why Are Dutch Kids So Much Happier Than American Kids?

January 24, 2017
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Children in the Netherlands are the happiest kids in the whole wide world, according to Unicef, whereas U.S. kids ranked at number 26 on a list of 29 countries, beating only Lithuanian, Latvian, and Romanian children. Those countries are also the three poorest on Unicef's list. That's its own problem, but why are the children in the Netherlands so much happier? It's all down to lifestyle and parenting, say a U.K. and a U.S. mother, both of whom are married to Dutchmen and live in Holland. Writing in the Telegraph, Rina Mae Acosta Michele Hutchison list the differences between life for Dutch children, and life for kids from their home countries. The differences are startling, but obvious in how they benefit the kids. First off, school isn't a big deal. Kids don't have homework, they don't take endless tests, and don't actually start learning to read or do arithmetic until they are six years old. The first few years of school are spent just being kids. If children do show an interest in math or reading, though, they are given materials...

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