Donald Trump

Why I've started to tell my kids Donald Trump is a bad man

November 3, 2016
in Kids

Donald Trump holds a child during a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wis., on Oct. 17. (Tasos Katopodis / AFP/Getty Images) Raising small children provides a unique lens through which to view an election. I have three boys, two of whom are 4-year-old twins with enough sense to feel the anxiety their mother and father feel over Tuesday’s vote. They overhear NPR broadcasts while riding in the back seat of our car and are, by now, familiar with the voices of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. After all these months they’ve gathered that the woman speaks calmly and in more positive terms than the man who shouts and insults. So I can’t blame them for forming their first political opinion: Donald Trump is a bad man. This is not a development my wife and I take lightly, not least because our boys love and respect their Trump-supporting relatives as much as their parents do. We want our children to develop their own values and beliefs without feeling they must match ours. So my wife and I refrain from open political discussion in their presence (although we have grown quite adept at speaking in code). But that doesn’t mean they live in a vacuum, and it’s foolish to think they can avoid exposure to a campaign that has persisted for one-third of their lives. Below is a partial list of Trump outrages that we felt compelled to put into terms our preschoolers would understand. He hurts women — emotionally and, if we are to believe his own boasting, physically. The Access Hollywood tape and the torrent of abuse allegations that followed are what prompted my wife to answer one of my kids with refreshing and forceful moral...

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