Why Kids Should Pay Attention to Their Mistakes

January 31, 2017
in Kids

MORE Kids who think they can get smarter if they work hard are more likely to bounce back from their mistakes than those who think their level of intelligence is set in stone, a new study finds. This may be because kids with a so-called growth mind-set, who believe intelligence is changeable, are more likely to focus on their mistakes than those with a fixed mind-set, who believe intelligence is not changeable, the researchers said. [25 Scientific Tips for Raising Happy (& Healthy) Kids] "The main implication here is that we should pay close attention to our mistakes and use them as opportunities to learn," rather than glossing over mistakes, study researcher Hans Schroder, a doctoral student in psychology at Michigan State University, said in a statement. In the study, the researchers first interviewed 123 children (average age of 7) to determine whether they had a growth...

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