Why this Swedish comic hero is going to teach kids about fake news

January 16, 2017
in Kids

One of Sweden's most popular cartoon characters is set to teach children about the dangers of fake news and the need to be critical of sources in a soon to be released comic book. Bamse, a cartoon about a bear who becomes the strongest in the world by eating magic honey, has captured the imaginations of Swedish kids for over 50 years since it was first published in 1966. Aiming to give children knowledge as well as entertainment, the comic has never shied away from big questions, and the next subject in its sights is fake news. “The debate about the spread of fake news was ongoing when we came up with the idea for the theme. It’s a big and important question in society right now which we think a light needs to be shone on, even for kids,” Bamse’s editor in chief Charlotta Borelius told The Local. The first comic strip on the theme, “Bamse and the dark forest” (Bamse och den mörka skogen) will be published in Bamse 2017 number two, which is due to be...

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