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Will breaking up the state's largest agency save kids' lives?

February 4, 2017
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OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Supporters of an effort to break up the state's largest agency believe it'll save children's lives. It creates the new Department of Children, Youth and Families. The first hearing was held Friday in the house, and all of the testimony was in support of breaking up the huge Department of Social and Health Services and creating a new agency focusing on kids and their families. (HB 1661). "I think you're going to save kids lives," said Ross Hunter, director of the Department of Early Learning. The tragedies from child deaths to the permanent harm for children point to an agency many believe is just not able to stay on top of child safety.. "It's very apparent that with 13 divisions, DSHS is too big to manage," said bill sponsor Democratic state Rep. Ruth Kagi....

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