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10 money-saving recipes everyone should know how to make

December 8, 2016

The experts at The Financial Diet weigh in on which recipes are most useful and economical. Here at TreeHugger, we talk a lot of food and the importance of home cooking. Mostly we approach it from the angle of sustainability – being able to use the freshest, most local, and seasonal ingredients and avoiding waste by knowing how to incorporate leftovers into new dishes and how to store food properly. There is another side to home cooking, however, that does not get as much attention, and that is its inherent frugality. By knowing how to cook, you can save a fortune over the course of your life. In the words of finance blogger Chelsea Fagan, co-founder of The Financial Diet website: “How you eat and how you spend money on food is the biggest defining factor in most budgets, besides rent… Whether we know how to shop, go out to eat, order takeout, or don’t know how to properly store food – these things will define hundreds of dollars each month.” Basically, if you’ve mastered home cooking, then you can also master budgeting – but if you don’t know how to cook, the budgeting part will be...

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