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3 'Gilmore Girls' Recipes Every Super-Fan Needs To Make To Celebrate The Revival

November 25, 2016

There are many things I don't know about Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. For example, I don't know who Rory will end up with, (#TeamJess4Eva) and I definitely don't know how Lorelai really feels about her difficult-but-loveable employee, Michel. But there is one thing I know to be true of the Gilmores, without a doubt: Lorelai and Rory love to eat, and that's why every true fan needs to have some Gilmore Girls recipes prepared to enjoy while watching the revival this Thanksgiving weekend. You may be thinking to yourself, "More food?? But I *just* had Thanksgiving dinner! I can't eat a single bite!" To that, I shake my head and say, "What would Lorelai and Rory do?" Lorelai and Rory would skip the bread rolls and forge ahead, tasting every pie, potato dish, and turkey in sight. If you don't have a Luke or Sookie available to do your baking, you'll have to make these dishes yourself, but I promise these recipes are easy enough for even the most Lorelai among us to handle. You'll definitely recognize these recipes from the show, so make 'em for your friends and quiz them on the corresponding episode! See the recipes below, and for more authentic Stars Hollow cuisine, check out Eat Like A Gilmore by Kristi Carlson, available now: Excerpt written by Kristi Carlson and published with permission from Skyhorse Publishing. Rocky Road Cookies When Rory meets Dean, once she gets past her extremely awkward phase, she becomes completely smitten by him. The two begin to revolve their lives around each other. Ah . . . young love. In a gesture to show her love, Rory goes to the Independence Inn after school and asks Sookie for some of Dean’s favorites: Rocky Road Cookies. Sookie happily obliges. Rory and Lane sit on a bench waiting for Dean’s bus, and Rory presents Dean with the cookies. Dean’s happy. Rory’s happy. Lane rolls her eyes and feels sick. The next time the sappy sweetness of your friend’s new romance makes you feel sick, bake a batch of these and eat them while you list out all the benefits of being single. 2¼ c Flour 1 t Baking soda ½ t Salt 1 c Butter, room temperature ¾ c Sugar ¾ c Brown sugar ¾ c Unsweetened cocoa 2 Eggs 1 t Vanilla ¾ c Chopped pecans ¾ c Mini semisweet chocolate chips 1 c Marshmallow creme (Fluff® recommended) Prep oven and pan: Place oven rack in center of oven. Preheat to 350°F. Place parchment paper on 2 cookie sheets. Set aside. Combine dry ingredients: In a medium mixing bowl, combine flour, baking soda, and salt. Set aside. Combine wet ingredients: Place butter in a large mixing bowl. Add both sugars. Mix, using a hand mixer on medium-low speed. Once fully combined, add cocoa, eggs, and vanilla. Mix until combined and smooth. Using a rubber spatula, scrape down the sides of the bowl. Make dough: Add dry ingredients to wet, in thirds, mixing after each. Combine using electric mixer, until all flour has been mixed in and dough forms. Scrape down sides of bowl. With a spatula or wooden spoon, fold in pecans and chocolate chips. Add marshmallow creme and...

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