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3 recipes that will make you love your slow cooker again

December 12, 2016

I recently purchased a slow cooker because my old one died two years ago. When this appliance stopped working, I didn't feel the need to immediately purchase another. My two small kids napped in the afternoon, and I stayed at home during the day. There was plenty of time to cook. Two years later, my daughter began kindergarten and my job as food writer and photographer became more demanding. Add on two school pickups and a handful of after-school activities, and dinner preparation became stressful or non-existent on some days. The slow cooker needed to come back to my kitchen. Up to this point, I had a lack of appreciation for the slow cooker. Recipes for this device tend to include ingredients I actively try to avoid: cans of condensed cream of (fill in the blank). When I was using the slow cooker years ago, many of my Pinterest fails were results of bad recipes that had appeared to have gone through zero testing — the worst kind of meal, in my book. Once I committed to purchasing a slow cooker, I was determined to only use it for tasty recipes, not ones that ended my day on a gross note. On the day I purchased my new kitchen contraption, I got a hankering for mustard Marsala chicken. But there was a problem. It was gymnastics night. There was no way I would have the physical or mental energy to make dinner when we got home, especially after a day of work. My golden hour of cook time was noon — six hours from the time we needed to eat. Then I remembered my newest kitchen toy. After a quick run to the market and a 20-minute prep, dinner was slowly cooking. It would be ready to eat when we came tromping home from gymnastics. That night, dinner was gobbled up with smiles. I was also smiling, because there were leftovers. The Mustard Marsala Chicken was served on top of crème fraiche mashed potatoes (visit for the recipe) the next night, and then on top of a bed of arugula with a squeeze of lemon juice and freshly grated Parmesan for lunch the next day. This is what I've come to enjoy about the...

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