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5 Recipes for your New Years Eve party

December 28, 2016

Please install the latest Adobe Flash Player Plugin to watch this content. GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) – If you’re hosting a gathering this New Year’s or heading to a party and need a dish to pass, eightWest has you covered! To help you ring in the new year, foodie and chef Mark Kingshott brought his favorite recipes in studio. Vegetable Spring Rolls 2 red bell peppers cut thin with a mandolin or by hand, Julienne size 1 medium carrot julienne cut 1 medium daikon radish julienne cut Fresh Basil Leaves 8 to 12 oz 1 Lemon ¼ cup hoisin 2 TB soy sauce 1 TB Dijon Mustard 1 TB Sesame Oil 1 TB Chili garlic paste 1 tsp chopped ginger 12 Rice Round Rice Papers Directions: In a small bowl, whisk together juice of one lemon, mustard, soy sauce, chili garlic paste, ginger, and sesame oil. Set aside. Fill a medium bowl with hot tap water. Set up a cutting board with peppers, carrots, basil leaves, sauce and daikon radish along side it. Take first rice paper and spin in water to make it more pliable. Place on cutting board. Place basil on top (1 to 2 leaves all depending on size of basil), now place vegetables, pour a small teaspoon size drizzle over vegetables. Carefully do a “burrito” roll taking caution to not rip rice paper. Set aside and complete remaining rolls, serve with sauce. Cucumber and Sundried Tomato Canape 2 English Cucumber sliced into 1/8 inch thick 1 16oz package of julienne cut sun dried tomatoes 8 oz cream cheese 8 oz plain goat cheese 3 cloves...

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