Molasses,Magnesium chloride,Salt

Dighton's secret recipe for making roads less slick: molasses

February 15, 2017

Hide caption Dighton Highway Foreman Dennis Hazel checks the hose for spraying molasses onto road salt. Taunton Gazette photo by Rebecca Hyman DIGHTON — Combine nine tons of salt with 54 gallons of molasses and magnesium chloride. Mix well. No this is not a gingerbread cookie recipe gone horribly wrong. It's the Dighton Highway Department's new answer to Mother Nature's winter onslaught — and so far all indications are it's a winner, Dighton Highway Superintendent Thomas Ferry said Tuesday. "We started using the molasses in early January and we've gotten lots of compliments. You'll notice the difference coming from other towns into ours," Ferry said. "We were down to the pavement yesterday morning. I don't think every town could say that," Ferry said. Ferry said he got the idea from Somerset, which was already reaping the benefits of molasses as a road treatment. Ferry said molasses is a great "ice melt" that is very effective, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. It costs about...

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