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Embrace the 80s with this almond waffle recipe

January 6, 2017

If you love someone, you make them pancakes. If you really love them, you make them waffles. This was one of the many things I learned from watching too much American TV while growing up. Most of my ideas about how families should behave came from sitcoms and romcoms, these wonderful places filled with cheesecake and hugs and beautiful people in cosy knitwear. Alone, after school on the sofa, in our north Oxford house, eating doorsteps of bread and jam, I gazed on these other homes with their huge fridges and ready supply of fresh, zesty orange juice. And waffles! “I promised the kids I’d make ‘em waffles,” said Nancy, stricken with cancer, on Thirtysomething. These, I gathered, were not like the savoury frozen potato waffles our busy mother sometimes bought to indulge me (much as I relished those for tea, with a fried egg and ketchup). These TV waffles sounded like airy rectangles of home. By the time that I had my first child, aged 25, my head was crammed with celluloid dreams of nurturing someone through food. I aspired to be Dustin Hoffman making french toast with his child in Kramer vs Kramer. Or Susan Sarandon in Stepmom, whose commitment to motherhood is so great that she’d sooner forego a vital...

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