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Fuel Tips and Recipes to Get You Through Winter

February 2, 2017

It’s the coldest time of year, but runners are resilient in getting in their training. Some pride themselves on shoveling lanes off a track, while others build mental strength on a treadmill. With freezing temperatures, cold rain, and snow (in most, but maybe not all parts of the country), it’s a little challenging to get out the door, let alone worry about post-run nutrition. It’s more tempting to sit by the fire. However, taking the time to care about nutrition will help you recover quicker and get out the door easier. Below are three winter nutrition tips to help you fuel well, and a couple recipes to warm your bones after a chilly run. Warm Up Start slow. Just like your car needs to warm up and get the frost off the windows, your body needs to warm up before it can get moving. When you let your body warm up properly, it can metabolize quicker and more efficiently. It signals your body to burn fat first, before burning through glycogen stores. This is great training for the marathon! If you usually take 20 minutes to warm up for a workout, try running 30 minutes instead. Or, on an easy run, if you warm up in a mile, give it two to three more miles. Drink Up It’s easy to not feel as thirsty when it’s cold. Who wants iced water when they are stepping out into ice cold temperatures? However, drinking water is still important for quick recovery and, yes, it is still possible to become dehydrated when it’s cold! Dehydration causes stiff muscles, and with cold temperatures, you’ll feel extra stiff without taking care of hydration early in the day. Fuel Up...

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