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Good-for-you garlic recipes

January 9, 2017

YelenaYemchuk garlic Move over broccoli. Step aside carrots. It turns out there’s another vegetable in your kitchen that can help reduce inflammation, as well as maintain a healthy heart, studies say. It's also been known to ward off vampires. Garlic has been used as a medicine throughout human history. Ancient Chinese and Indian cultures used garlic to help with respiration and digestion. It has been recommended for treatment of arthritis, toothaches, chronic cough, constipation and even as an antibiotic. In some Western countries, the sale of garlic preparations ranks among those of the leading prescription drugs, according to the 2014 National Institutes of Health study, “Garlic: a review of potential therapeutic effects.” “Garlic is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and naturally-occurring compounds like flavonoids that are critical to maintaining good health,” says registered dietitian Emily Kyle of Rochester, N.Y. The compounds in garlic have been found to decrease cholesterol and triglycerides and provide anti-inflammatory benefits, Kyle says. Garlic has also been shown to help stave off plaque buildup in the arteries, high blood pressure and cancer, and it contains antiviral properties, according to Dr. Tom Campbell, co-founder and clinical director of the University of Rochester Medical Center Program for Nutrition in Medicine. Although we can gobble up the health benefits of garlic in both raw and cooked forms, evidence shows that heat can destroy some of the good stuff it contains that our bodies need. Kyle suggests keeping it on the cool side. “If you want to get creative, you can add it to salad dressings such as vinaigrettes, to butter and enjoy it on toast, or to homemade salsa, guacamole or mashed potatoes,” she says. If eating raw garlic doesn’t sound appealing, you can buy garlic supplements at your local health food store. Kyle says garlic supplements can be powerful and potent, and are unregulated, which can make them potentially dangerous....

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