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Here's one of many good recipes for venison

Submitted photo Hopefully deer season has been kind to you in the form of fresh protein in your freezer. If not, you still have plenty of time and many seasons still open to fill your tag in West Virginia. One of my favorite foods to share with my family and friends is venison. Not only is the taste and flavor wonderful, the meal comes with a built-in story. Sharing the story of the hunt is what makes the meal with others so enjoyable. If you are need of a few new recipes this season, a friend of mine just published another one of her awesome cookbooks — “Tenderize the Wild: Marinades, brines and rubs for wild game.” I know Eileen and have spent time with her in many camps. She can cook and is always looking to expand her recipes. For example, here is a sample recipe from her new book: Smoky Cumin/Cilantro Grilled Steaks Serves 2 to 4 The smoke comes from hickory smoked salt, a delicious flavor that you’ll have to be careful not to get addicted to. I know people who keep smoked salt on their tables, who use it for everything...

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