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I’m Not Ready To Say Goodbye To The Obamas So I Cooked Their Food

January 21, 2017

When I want to celebrate or thank someone, I take them out to dinner. So, when I thought about how I could honor the Obamas in my own small way, my mind jumped to food, a subject that the family is known to be passionate about. Barack Obama has made headlines for his seven-almond habit (he's since "set the record straight") and his strong stance on guacamole. And both he and Michelle jokingly gave the country permission to go crazy and eat all the candy on Halloween. Although the Obamas dined at plenty of Michelin-starred and up-and-coming restaurants over the past eight years, they have also shared some notable family traditions in the kitchen. I decided to raise a glass to them at home by cooking three of their most well-known recipes and feasting on them with five friends. Yes, the idea was silly, but it was also my own personal way of saying goodbye. Cheers, Barack, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, Sunny, and Bo! I'm going to miss you. Advertisement Appetizer Course: Obama's Guacamole (& Chips) Okay, real talk: There's no exact recipe for Barack Obama's guac. But he did give a basic...

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