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Nutrition coach reveals how a Joe Wicks recipe contains 620 more calories and FIVE times the fat of a KFC rice box (and receives a backlash from Body Coach fans)

January 25, 2017

He's the fitness and weight loss guru of the moment, whose Lean In 15 programme promises to whip you into shape while eating more and exercising less. However, a nutrition coach from Bristol has revealed how one of Joe Wicks' nutritious meals - Cheesy Chicken Chorizo and Spinach - contains more than double the calories and more than five times the fat of a KFC rice box. The revelation was made in an infographic posted to the Apex Fitness Systems Facebook page and has attracted 230 likes and 350 comments. While nutrition coach Matt, who shared the post, stressed that while they weren't promoting KFC as a healthier option, a higher calorie meal will always take more time to burn off in the gym - but fans of the Body Coach were not impressed. Apex pointed out that branding the meal 'lean' might make people automatically assume that it's a good choice if they're trying to lose weight. The Lean In 15 cookbook does not contain nutritional information for each meal, but...

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