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Old 'Betty Crocker' recipe is still the best

December 13, 2016

In 1973, I found myself walking the market stalls in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. There were piles of books in these stalls, all poor quality with cheap bindings and murky printing. They also were cheap in price because the Taiwanese didn't recognize our copyright laws, but they printed all of the top selling titles everyone wanted to buy. I think I paid the equivalent of 12 cents in New Taiwan Dollars for a copy of the "Betty Crocker Cookbook." As a young bride looking forward to my own kitchen and learning to cook, I spent many hours in my hostel room, looking at every recipe in the book. And since the liberty boats only brought my then husband to shore on weekends, the city happened to be under curfew and there was no television there, I had a lot of long nights to memorize the pages. I returned to the States in late November and settled into an apartment in San Diego. The first recipe I used was a roll-out Christmas sugar cookie recipe, and in the 43 years since, I have not felt the urge to try a different one. The same can be said for the Favorite Sweet muffins and Nut Bread. These just can't be improved upon. Now, you might be tempted to think, as I did, these recipes are all part of some permanent record, available on the Internet, and the actual book is no longer more than a keepsake. Au contraire, my friend. I moved some cookbooks out of the kitchen and into storage. Among them was my falling apart and fading 1972 "Betty Crocker Cookbook" from Taiwan. I thought I knew those recipes well enough to put the books away. But when I went to make some blueberry muffins from my freshly picked berries, I couldn't quite remember: Was it 3/4 cup of sugar or 1/2...

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