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Recipe For New Sports? Just Add A Drone

February 16, 2017

You may have heard of drone racing, but people keep coming up with new ways to enjoy these flying machines. One of the latest twists on drone sports comes from Latvia. A company called Aerones has developed a drone to use for droneboarding, a new sport that's just what it sounds like — a snowboarder being pulled through the snow by a powerful drone. When the company first tried droneboarding last year, as a way to test the strength of its drones, the sport didn't even have its name. "We didn't call it like that in the beginning, but somebody, somewhere said droneboarding, and that's how it took off," Aerones CEO Janis Putrams says. The company posted a video online, which Putrams says had 5 million views in the first couple of weeks. He says the company wanted to use drones to wakeboard as well, so it built a larger, more powerful drone capable of lifting 145 kilograms (about 320 pounds). So when the AFP news agency approached Aerones about a year later and asked to do a story on the sport, the company decided to go big — four times bigger. "When we do this...

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