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Recipe: Grandma Jeffery's Pumpkin Pie

November 15, 2016

Jeffery Hobbs, owner and pitmaster at The Slow Bone, enjoys two Thanksgiving celebrations each year. The first puts the "giving" in Thanksgiving. Billed as "Freebird," it's a free holiday feast at The Slow Bone, co-hosted by an army of Dallas-area chefs and food-industry professionals. Open to anyone, the meal draws many who can't afford a Thanksgiving meal or who have no one to celebrate with -- including long-haul truckers and the homeless. A team of 40 to 45 volunteers cooks and serves the meal for the hundreds who show up from noon to 4 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. Hobbs starts working the pit at dawn, smoking turkeys and brisket. Some chefs help prep on the nights leading up to the event. "We will serve anywhere from 350 to 400 at the restaurant," Hobbs says. "And we make food for another 400 that we distribute later in the day and the next day, taking it to fire departments and homeless shelters," he adds. Food-industry purveyors donate most of the ingredients. Hobbs...

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