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Recipe: Say goodbye to January with these fluffy Swedish pancakes

January 27, 2017

Swedish food writer John Duxbury shares his recipe for soft and fluffy rye pancakes, which can be served as a sweet dessert, or with grilled bacon for bunch. Is there a better way to see out January? These rye pancakes are always popular! Indeed many people prefer them to ordinary pancakes because they are wonderfully soft and fluffy, thanks to the addition of whisked egg whites. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that rye pancakes might taste a bit like rye bread! The flavour is completely different: rye bread is normally flavoured with anise, caraway or fennel seeds, whereas these pancakes are subtly flavoured with syrup. Rye pancakes are very adaptable too. Simply change the topping to transform them, so that they are perfect for a lazy brunch, a light lunch or an indulgent dessert. Summary Tips: – Wholemeal rye flour, sometimes called dark rye flour, is widely available, but white rye flour is normally only sold in health food stores, specialist shops and online. If you can't find white rye flour you can just use dark rye flour. – For a lactose free version, use almond milk instead of skimmed milk. – You can use any syrup, such as maple syrup, instead of Swedish ljus sirap. – The recipe should make 10...

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