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Seeking Iron Hill mushroom soup recipe and cookie walks

December 7, 2016

Food memories die hard. The taste, smell and the look of a certain dish has the power to evoke a sweet moment or take us back to a special moment in time. Can you recreate the taste of a memory? Many people try. Missing the taste of Iron Hill mushroom soup My wife, Marlee, and I lived in Delaware for a couple of years, during which time we fell in love with Iron Hill Brewery’s mushroom soup. Coincidentally (or not), my wife swears that it was during that period in our lives that she made the best batch of mushroom soup she has ever made. We have since moved to Pittsburgh, and now every time she tries, she ends up beside herself because she cannot recapture the magic of that Delaware batch. It’s entirely possible that our mushrooms here are woefully sub-par compared to those you find near Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, and that’s all there is to it. But the fact is that she can’t seem to get the brown hue she’s looking for, and both the appearance and flavor are, to her, washed out. Before we concede to driving six hours to the nearest Iron Hill bi-monthly to have a bowl of their soup, we want to exhaust all our options. She thought that maybe the recipe you posted to Delaware Online in February 2012 might help her, but, even after subscribing to the site, the link appears to have been permanently removed or broken. Is it possible that you might still have the Iron Hill Mushroom Soup recipe, and if so, would you be able to share it with me? My wife, myself, and our bellies would greatly appreciate it :) Thanks in advance for your help, and I apologize for the (probably) very random email. Sincerely, Jacob Sangermano Jacob, you are one of several readers who have asked for this mushroom soup recipe. I never wrote a story about the soup or the recipe, but, apparently, someone did, at some time, and it might have appeared in The News Journal. In 2012, I tweeted a link to the recipe, but, you’re right, the link is now broken. I’ve scoured our archives and can’t find this recipe. I’ve also asked Nancy Coale Zippe, who writes a food column...

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