Seven recipe ideas for the holidays, if roast turkey’s not your thing

December 15, 2016

A slow-cooked bone-in beef rib-eye roast is an alternative to turkey, especially if your holiday party is big. Photo: Jonathan Wong Are you a creature of habit when it comes to preparing holiday menus, or are you open to new ideas? We’ve scoured our archives for seven festive dishes and desserts that are deliciously different. If the beef joint is too big to fit in your oven, cut it in two to roast. Photo: Jonathan Wong When I plan dinner parties, I rarely cook for more than eight. I make exceptions for the holidays, when I tend to invite “orphans” - friends who have nowhere else to go to celebrate. Sometimes these friends ask if they can bring other friends. The table may be crowded, but we have a great time. A 10kg beef rib-eye roast feeds about 25; if you’re cooking for fewer, cut the roast into the amount you’ll need and freeze the rest. See my recipe for slow-cooked bone-in beef rib-eye roast. On the other hand, while the...

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