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Surprising Thanksgiving leftover recipes: Share your hacks

November 18, 2016

Have leftover sweet potato casserole, try this Quick Sweet Potato Brulee from Libbie Summers. (Photo from Some folks think Thanksgiving leftovers are the best part of the holiday. All of the family and friends go home, and you get to make yourself a turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwich on a semi-stale dinner roll and finish off that last bottle of wine. Peaceful bliss. Then, the next day dawns and there are all of those same dishes staring back at you from the refrigerator. For Thanksgiving and all of the holidays to come, we gathered tips and a batch of recipes to help all of us get creative with leftovers. But, first, we want to know if you've ever created creative dishes from holiday leftovers. Tell us about them in the comments under this feature. Post photos, if you have them. If you prefer, you can email me recipes, techniques or maybe just links to things you plan to try at, and I'll share them with your fellow readers. By sharing our ideas for leftovers, we can help one another enjoy the aftermath of our holiday feasts -- and help cut food waste. Part of the reason that some home cooks don't make vegetables the stars of their tables is that they are just unfamiliar with how to prepare them. They are not part of our daily routine, said cookbook author Cara Mangini. Need inspiration? Visit cookbook author Libbie Summers' website,, where you'll find videos and recipes for leftover dishes, such as turkey-cranberry hand pies, quick sweet potato brulee (see recipe below) Mexican twice-baked potatoes, which makes use of leftover mashed potatoes, and baked eggs (see recipe below). She's also made a pumpkin pie shake and a blender green bean soup. Summers, who is creative culinary director for Terra's Kitchen, a meal delivery service that sells healthy, 30-minute, cook-at-home meals -- but which isn't yet available in the New Orleans area -- prides herself on what she calls "leftover hacks" that not only eliminate food waste, but surprise the taste buds. "There's always a few pieces of pumpkin pie," she said. "There's always a few scoops of sweet potato mash, but what can you do with it? "I want to (re-imagine) the iconic kind of things, the nostalgic things ... I took what it was and changed it. If it was a side, I wanted to make it a dessert, and if it was a dessert, I wanted to make it a drink. "If you make it a completely different part of your meal -- we're going to have sweet potatoes as breakfast as a pancake -- how great is that? That gets creative juices flowing." One of her favorites is her baked egg, her variation on a Toad in the Hole. She makes a stuffing ring, puts an egg inside, bakes it and tops it with hot gravy. Also, she advises cooks to browse the spice cabinet. "Changing the spice is something that you are doing that will take it completely away from that Thanksgiving flavor profile,'' said Summers, who lives in Savanah, Ga. "Just adding a little chipotle powder or a little cayenne. I always like to add a little heat to my sweets." Before you reheat and eat, here are other strategies for getting creative in the kitchen. Sub it in: In nearly any recipe that calls for cooked chicken, you can substitute turkey. Look through your favorite cookbook and pick a few...

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