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The Surprisingly Easy Way to Make Your Own Hot Sauce

December 28, 2016

Jump start your "cook at home more" resolution with a condiment that can make anything taste homemade. If you’re like me and determined to cook more in 2017, start with one of the most all-purpose dishes around: hot sauce. For one thing, who doesn’t love things spicy these days? For another, homemade hot sauce is surprisingly easy to make. And it guarantees you bragging rights. You can give it to others. You can bring it to someone’s house as your contribution to a dinner party. You can put it in your bag and take it on a trip if you’re worried about the food. Make it frequently enough, and you can start customizing it. At the elite spice boutique, La Boîte, Lior Lev Sercarz will customize a spice blend for you for $5,000. I love that idea, but a hot sauce all your own is a much cheaper way to have a signature flavor. Photographer: Bobby Fisher, courtesy of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt The recipe below is adapted from the Red Rooster Cookbook by Marcus Samuelsson, based on dishes from his buzzy Harlem restaurant. It’s all-purpose, spicy, and a little fruity and vinegary. My adaptations included using easier-to-find chiles such as serranos in place of bird chiles, and tomato paste instead of tomato powder, which I'm not inclined to make or search for. In my opinion, it could be even spicier; next time, I’m trying the hotter alternative. I may even add some of the chile seeds, which would amp up the heat. However you tweak it, remember to be careful when dealing with spicy chiles: Some recipes recommend wearing gloves when you work with them, which I think is cumbersome, not to mention a little lame. But wash your hands well after chopping the chiles because the burning sensation if you touch your eyes, or even...

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