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Two-bite holiday dessert recipes: Indulge and stay fit

It's the season of temptation, decadence, and all things sugary sweet. And not just the ordinary temptations: We tend to super-size all things holiday, dishing out oversized wedges of pie, gifting slabs of fudge and tins overflowing with sweet treats, each easily clocking in at 400-500 calories per serving. Even our coffees are fattened up for the holidays, with a 16-ounce "medium" Peppermint Mocha Latte cramming in 440 calories and 54 grams of sugar. And, at meals and parties, we don't have just one dessert - there might be two, three, or more to choose from, and naturally, we want to taste a bit of everything. Enter the concept of the two-bite dessert. These mini treats - or bambino bites, petite sweets, downsized desserts - whatever you call them - are not only cute, but they encourage portion control, making it easier to sample a few treats without breaking the caloric bank. They're practical for any type of party. Unlike whole cakes or pies that can end up looking a bit picked-over, each bite-sized dessert stays intact and pretty for the full event. And more than simply serving up a full-sized one-dish dessert like pie or a cobbler, you can have get creative, serving a varied selection of flavors, shapes and sizes and artfully arranging them on platters and stands. When it comes to vessels to use for bite-sized sweets, think shot glasses, oversized spoons, small skewers, miniature ball jars, mini tarts or muffin tins, or tiny cookie cutters to make single-serving crusts. (Tip: World Market is a great source for interesting little containers and holders for two-bite desserts). The options are endless when it comes to converting your favorite holiday desserts into petite sweets. And to give you a few ideas, here are three recipes for delicious, nutritious two-bite desserts. ## Chef Andrea Apuzzo collaborated with our Ochsner Eat Fit NOLA team to create a low-sugar, protein-rich chocolate mousse, available on the menu at Andrea's Restaurant. Tulane Dietetic Intern Lauren Hassan converted it into a two-bite treat by piping the mousse into oversized pho-style spoons. Andrea's Greek Chocolate...

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