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16 Christmas Eve Traditions Your Whole Family Will Love

December 11, 2016

1. Set up a Christmas Eve scavenger hunt. Make the kids hunt down one present that they can open before Christmas. 2. Compete in a Dollar Tree shopping spree. Everyone gets a specific amount of money, like $5, and has 10 minutes to shop for each family member before heading home and wrapping their secret present for Christmas Day. 3. Set out a Santa sack. Let the kids fill a Santa sack with toys and books on Christmas Eve for kids in need. Not only do you downsize a bit, but the kids learn the value of giving. Leave the sack under the tree and Santa will pick it up when he drops off presents. TIP: Keep things easy; use a large pillowcase for the sack and write on it with a fabric sharpie. 4. Sprinkle reindeer food in the front yard. Make a batch with the kids right before bedtime and spread the magic food on the lawn to help Santa and his reindeer find their way to your home. Use a recipe like this one, which is safe for critters to eat. EXTRA CREDIT: Before the kids wake up, scatter chocolate-covered raisins or malt balls around the yard for reindeer poop because after all, what child doesn’t love to talk “poop”? 5. Or, feed the birds a Christmas dinner. Fill bird feeders or hang bird food outside so birds can have Christmas dinner. Another option: throw pine cones covered in peanut butter and bird seed into tree branches. 6. Track Santa’s path. Beginning December 1 you can use Norad to track Santa. Make sure to gather together and check his...

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