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3 couponing couples combine strategies and apps to multiply their savings

November 3, 2016

PrintSubscribe Couponing and deal hunting may not seem romantic, but they can be enjoyable and productive for couples. Take a tip from these three money-saving partners and discover how being frugal can be more fun when you team up. Photo courtesy of Annie Mueller and Mike Catania Super stackers Mike Catania and Annie Mueller "I'm an avid couponer and over the years, I've slowly turned my less-obsessive girlfriend, Annie, into an excellent money-saving teammate," says Mike Catania, 36, founder and chief technology officer of The Las Vegas couple has known each other since 2008, but didn't start dating and couponing together until January of 2015. They save an average of 40 percent on most everything by coupon and deal stacking as much as possible. RATE SEARCH: Make your money work for you in a high-yielding savings account. Compare rates at today! Saving strategy: Divide and conquer Annie Mueller, 32, is in charge of saving money on groceries, and Kroger is her favorite place to game the system. Buying only food that's on sale is a key strategy. She preps for her weekly shopping by loading online coupons to her Kroger rewards card through the Kroger app. "Then I print a list of what was scanned to my card so I remember which coupons I have," she says. Timing is important, too. In the summer, for example, she'll shop on the weekends because that's when Kroger rewards its members with double fuel points, which result in a discount on every gallon of gas she buys at participating gas stations. Catania handles household goods, with Mueller's help. To date, the best deal the couple has pulled off was a $1,600 70-inch Samsung TV for $400. "We went to Best Buy with a competitor's ad for the TV and Best Buy matched their sale price," Mike says. They then applied a coupon for 50 percent off one item. "If...

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