Can You Share an Amazon Prime Membership?

January 30, 2017

There are things in life you definitely don’t want to share (I’m sure you can name a few). But you WILL want to share an Amazon Prime Membership to save on the ever-increasing annual fee — and it’s easy! There are two ways to do it, so we broke down the pros and cons of each way to help you decide which is right for you. The “Traditional” Way With Amazon Prime Memberships now $99 a year, people quickly figured out how to share accounts with others in order to avoid paying spendy subscription fees. And Amazon was cool with it at first, and even created a feature where you could add up to four people to your membership, even if they were all at different physical addresses. But then Amazon got out their calculators, did a little basic math, and realized how much money they were losing on all those shared memberships. Hence, the introduction of Amazon Household — a feature that allows family members that live with you to share prime benefits and only pay one $99 Prime subscription fee per year. You can share all the Prime benefits, not just the free two-day shipping. This includes...

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