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Coupon Cutting Mom: Combine sales with coupons, and stir up affordable family meals

December 7, 2016

Dinner’s on the table for less with great grocery coupon savings! If you’re feeding a crew coming home after school or for college break, you’ll be thrilled with this week’s sales and grocery coupon savings. Everything you need from meats to fresh fruits and veggies is on sale! Aldi Find these sales this week in the refrigerator cases: — Goldhen large eggs (one dozen), 79 cents. — Happy Farms cream cheese (8 ounces), 85 cents. — Friendly Farms sour cream (16 ounces), 99 cents. — Fresh family pack chicken drumsticks are 69 cents per pound, and Appleton Farms smoked ham shank portions are just 89 cents per pound. Find these deals in the produce aisles: — Baby carrots (16 ounces), 49 cents. — Grape tomatoes, 99 cents per pint. — Mighties kiwi (2 pounds), $2.29. Save-A-Lot Sugardale shank portion ham is 89 cents per pound. Fresh bone-in, thin-sliced assorted pork loin chops are 99 cents per pound, and fresh chicken drumsticks or thighs family pack are 99 cents per pound. Here are the produce department sales: — Fresh green cabbage, 39 cents per pound. — Fresh oranges or grapefruit, $1.49 per 3-pound bag — Red, gold, Gala or McIntosh apples (3 pounds), $2.79. Stauffers of Kissel Hill...

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