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How to extreme coupon in time for the holidays

November 10, 2016

Please install the latest Adobe Flash Player Plugin to watch this content. LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – Want to know how you can save a lot of money on groceries as you prepare for your holiday feasts? Well we might have just the trick, and it may come as a time-consuming task, but shoppers say it’s well worth it in the end. Extreme couponing–a rather new hobby that has become an addiction for many. “It’s a good addiction though,” said professional extreme couponer, Edna Richardson. “I have realized that I’ve saved over half of what I use to spend in my household expenses.” Saving not hundreds, but thousands. “Probably about $2500, if not more,” said Richardson, and that’s just in a three month time period, but she says there is an art to it. You can’t just jump in and say ‘okay I coupon’ because if you do it that way you’re going to go to the store and every time you’re going to be disappointed,'” said Richardson. Richardson says it’s take quite a bit of research and quite a few newspapers to really get the most bang out of your buck. “You have to have time upfront to learn it,” said Richardson. “I studied couponing before I even brought my first newspaper. I got online I looked at every extreme couponer, their methods and everything, and then I found what worked for me.” “People just tend to think that it’s harder than it actually is,” said professional extreme couponer, Kelly...

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