Incinerated Coupons

December 23, 2016

Photo Credit: Jewish Press Kalman was a coupon collector. When the weekly store brochures arrived, he would clip the coupons of any product he occasionally bought. Over time, he amassed a large collection of coupons. Kalman’s roommate, Dov, was just the opposite. He didn’t think the few dollars saved was worth the time it took to clip the coupons. They half-jokingly argued about their difference. “Watch out,” Dov warned Kalman. “One day I’m going to throw your whole coupon collection down the incinerator!” “That’s not funny,” said Kalman. “That would be serious damage!” One day the two were going to a wedding of a very close friend. Dov wanted to leave early, but Kalman was going through the store brochures. “C’mon, Kalman,” Dov cajoled him. “You’re making us late!” “What’s the rush?” Kalman replied. “There are great coupons here! We have time.” Finally, Kalman was ready and the two headed out. As they got on the highway, they heard the traffic news: “Serious accident at exit 26! Police have just closed all lanes for the coming hour.” “Our rotten luck,” Dov seethed. “Had we left fifteen minutes earlier we would have avoided the accident. Now we’re going to miss the chupah entirely. It’s all because of your coupons!” When the two returned late that night, Dov took the coupon collection and threw it down the incinerator. In the morning, Kalman asked Dov about the coupons. “I was furious last night; I threw them down the incinerator,” Dov acknowledged. “I know it was wrong; I have to control my anger.”...

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