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Negotiating coupon websites can be a challenge

January 9, 2017

Along with losing weight, eating healthier and quitting bad habits, an always popular new year’s resolution is to find ways to save more money. For some people, that means collecting coupons, especially for grocery items. However, negotiating the myriad store websites and taking the time to install coupon applications on one’s computer, tablet or smartphone can be a challenge for many, especially those who aren’t technically savvy. That’s why Helen Gregg, technology center trainer at the Salina Public Library, 301 E. Elm, is offering a class called Coupon Apps & Sites. The purpose of the class, Gregg said, “is to help people who want to save money but may feel less than confident negotiating websites to get to coupons.” There not only are a lot of coupon websites to choose from, she said, but many of them require the creation of an account or a current email address before access to the site is allowed. “It’s a security measure to prove to the website that it’s a human requesting coupons and not an automated program designed to crash their website by overloading it,” Gregg said. Gregg’s first class was Saturday morning in the library’s Technology Center Learning Lab. Other classes will be offered every other Saturday morning through...

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