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Start Building Your Credit and Save with Self Lender!

January 10, 2017

Here’s something new–it’s an innovative way to build your credit while you save. If you’re in need of establishing or building your credit score in a safe, simple way….check out Self Lender. Self Lender helps you take control of your credit with free personalized credit score tracking, credit monitoring, and the opportunity to apply for a credit builder account. The credit builder account is the most interesting part of Self Lender. They’re the first company to offer these accounts on an almost nationwide basis and completely online (they’re not yet available in New York, Wisconsin, or Vermont). First, join to check your credit score and get an idea of where you’re at. Second, apply for a credit builder account to build credit and start saving money. A credit builder account is a small loan that’s held in a CD account for 12 months. Unlike with a traditional loan, you don’t receive access to the money until the loan has been completely paid off. The account is FDIC insured, earns 0.10% APY interest, and is held for...

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