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Super Couponing Tips: All About Catalina Checkout Coupons

January 8, 2017

Dear Jill: Could you explain some tips about checkout coupons? I am trying to get into couponing more this year and my supermarket has a sale that says ‘Buy $30 and get $10 for your next order.’ Is the $30 before or after coupons? Can I use the $10 checkout coupon I get to buy more from the $30 sale and then get another $10? — Hallie O. Many supermarkets and drugstores around the country participate in rewards programs involving checkout coupons that are printed at the register during the checkout process. These coupons are often called “Catalinas” by shoppers, as Catalina Marketing is the company behind this program, which provides the mini-coupon printers to stores. Catalina coupons actually are quite sophisticated. During the checkout process, the system looks at each item purchased to determine whether or not a coupon should be printed. You may have noticed that you often receive coupons for products you buy, or for products in the same category that you buy. For example, buying a bag of dog food may generate additional dog food coupons on this trip or a future trip. A spending threshold sale like “Buy $30, Get $10” is typically after manufacturer coupon discounts. Stores receive reimbursements for manufacturer coupons, so they typically function just like cash in these kinds of promotions. If you buy a $3 item and use a $1 manufacturer coupon...

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