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The Best Stores for Beginner Couponers

February 15, 2017

So many stores…so many coupons…where do I start? If you’re new to couponing and are feeling a bit overwhelmed, fret no more. I’m here to tell you which stores are the easiest to shop and give you a few tips to help all you coupon newbies out there. ⭐⭐⭐⭐Big-Box Supermarkets These are the stores that sell everything from spinach to bicycles. Walmart and Target are the big guys, and you’ll want to start at either if you’re a complete coupon virgin. Remember the one-manufacturer-coupon-per-item rule and you’re halfway there. Walmart Use one manufacturer coupon (printable or from the newspaper) per item. When you see a rollback, sale, or clearance price, use a coupon to save even more. If your coupon is worth more than the sale price, Walmart will give you the overage back in cash. Some Walmarts still price match competitor prices and coupons in-store — even prices for produce as long as the price per unit or pound is specified. Tell the cashier at any register about the better price before they ring up the item, and they’ll match it for you. Or, just use the Savings Catcher app. To avoid problems at the register, talk to the manager before trying to price match to check what the policy is at your store. Check for rebate-app offers from Ibotta, Checkout 51, and MobiSave before you shop. Buy a qualifying item and submit a photo of your receipt into the app for cash back. Target is the perfect store to start your couponing adventures. Why? Because you can practice stacking coupons and discounts almost every time you buy an item. Use one manufacturer coupon (printable, Cartwheel digital, or from the newspaper) per item; up to four like coupons per transaction. Print Target store coupons at and use one per item you purchase (up to four like coupons per day). The Cartwheel app is free and offers percent discounts and digital manufacturer coupons. To redeem offers, have the cashier scan the barcode in your app. Price match competitors at customer service — including Amazon prices that aren’t...

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